Son Of Spain
Diego Velázquez, a brilliant young artist from Seville, living in Seventeenth-Century Spain realizes his dream when called to be court painter to the Habsburg King, Phelipe IV.
Once at the palace, older Renaissance artists, led by a court artist Vicente Carducho, show determined opposition to him and his coarse Baroque art.
Diego is warned of enemies by an old acquaintance, Don Luis Góngora, and told of unknown minders who will keep watch over him. These minders belong to a Secret Society that sees a way to bring Spain back to her place of European dominance - through the arts.
Not being a man of the sword, and gaining inner strength from his new friend and fellow artist Rubens, he takes to the canvas employing his brush to intimidate and ward off his assailants.
With much at stake, a tangle of espionage and counter-espionage engulfs not only Spain, but also Italy when the king gifts Diego a sabbatical there.
Revenge rises as an ugly monster when another of Diego’s painting offends. Accusations of Diego’s heretical ways come before the Inquisition. Allegations center on a commission done in Diego’s youth. Who is the woman in the painting and why could this canvas seal Diego’s doom? Answers are urgently sought before the Inquisition Tribunal pronounces its verdict.
The stakes are further raised, as a painting, a nude, comes to an avaricious Cardinal’s attention. This canvas cannot so easily be explained away and must be brought as evidence against Diego. What now for him?
Against a backdrop of rich European history, artists and nobles come alive once again to tell their story of intrigue, slander, manipulation and betrayal where the righteous find liberation on the world’s most famous canvases

Dragons Dwelt Here - Thunderbird
Two young Lakota braves see themselves as saviors of their band; food is running very low, spring is late and many in the village are starving.
Tatanka, (bison) have not yet returned to the plains from wintering in the south.
Armed with more fool-hardy vision, than honed skill, the braves leave after dark to search for the herd. They are joined by a younger brave, who is not welcome, but refuses to return home to the village.
Time, testing and challenges expose individual and personal motives behind this heroic quest.
After several moons scouting for bison, having endured threatening situations, they find themselves in the Badlands far to the west. There they encounter a large winged predator, bigger than anything they had ever seen before.
All their hopes for survival seem thwarted. If they die, who will hear their story?
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Thunderbird: first chapter    Sioux oral story
Son of Spain previously published in two volumes.
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