Over my adult years I have noticed many inconsistencies in both New Zealand and Great Britain, countries I live in.

After many years in Microbiology Laboratories in both the above countries, I headed the drug testing division in the cancer research department at the Auckland School of Medicine. For all the research cures were always - Just around the corner! At the same time, cancers were on the rise in the West. Governments did not seem interested in why, but rather, facilitated new markets for Big Pharma.
My concern at the dumbing down of education from preschool to tertiary saw a change in career. The NZ Department of Education had been abandoned in favour of a government centrally run and controlled (according to United Nations international goals), Ministry of Education. While retraining, I supported myself working part time in banking when New Zealand small banks were being bought-out by International Banks. I also worked part time in a Laboratory during the height of the man-made AIDs scam and Laboratory amalgamations.

I taught as head teacher in several sessional kindergartens before opening privately. It was then I experienced first-hand, kindergartens transition to all day childcare in accordance with UN global education aims; woman had been pressured to move out of the home to be workers for the State. A blind eye was given to the consequent attachment disorders, inevitably resulting in anxiety in youth. It was that generation of infants who became my tertiary students some 25 years later when I took up a post lecturing first year bachelor’s degree students in Early childhood Health and Education; regretfully, many on depression and anxiety medication.
It comes as no surprise to see many small centres taken over by large international corporations committed to United Nations dumbed-down Common Core Curriculum, emphasising obedience as a global citizens from birth.

2004 my book (New Zealand’s first published book on home schooling), ‘Home Educating in New Zealand’ was published. It was a surprise to have two State trained teachers, who had become home educating mums, trying to control information other home educating parents should access. They were not happy that I, a mother in the suburbs, had written such a book and became threatening.

Church life too was changing. Inexplicably by the 1990s, over 95% of Churches were using the Globalist gnostic dumbed-down New International Version of the Bible (NIV). Preachers of the King James Bible (KJV) were told to change. Songs became man-centred, hymns faded, services became “celebrations” in line with Vatican calls and the Gospel of Christ was swapped for a social gospel, making any expression of Biblical Christianity in churches rare. Those who did not submit were threatened.
It seemed to me that the God given alienable rights of the individual were under attack in every quarter of life by Change Agents and Useful Idiots as the elite call facilitators of their agendas.

After the birth of our 6th child, I started to write another home educating book for an international Christian home schooling community, ‘Call Us a Biblical Christian Family’ 2006 as a call to a return to sensibilities and logic, looking to the Bible for absolutes rather than the changing demands of the State narrative.

2012-2013 my first adult two volume historical novel ‘Son of Spain’ was published. Then released in one volume in 2018. The same year my historical novel ‘Thunderbird’ was published. Much history taught in schools today is edited. History is not as organic as we have been led to believe.

In 2018 '101 Reasons to Home Educate in the 21st Century' was published, followed by ‘We Are Revolting’ in 2019.

2019 my Art Blog,
turned from whimsical reminiscing to geopolitical exposure.
2019 also saw the start of my YouTube channel, Hidden in Plain Sight. This channel is an antidote to the fake globalist narrative of mainstream media.

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