I’m Antoinette James, welcome to my website.
As an author of both fiction - historical novels, and nonfiction - educational information, I have chosen to make this website the platform for both. Whether fiction or nonfiction, my pen is employed in exposing lies taught from infancy.
My fictional works to date are ‘Son of Spain’ and ‘Thunderbird’, in which poetic licence places adventure and intrigue upon historical accuracy.
My nonfiction publications come under three headings - Home Education ‘Home Educating in New Zealand’ 2004, ‘Call Us a Biblical Christian Family’ 2006, 101 Reasons to Home Educate in the 21st Century’ 2018. Art Conversation - ‘Manet’, ‘Fra Angelico’ 2017. The World We Live In - ‘We Are Revolting’ 2019.
The - World We Live In - page deals with issues concerning the inalienable rights of We the People. I join others around the world pushing back the tyranny of Globalist Technocracy that is changing the West at incredible speed. United Nations Agenda 21 has irreversible consequences for the people of the world if it becomes fully rolled out. It is not a time to sit leaving the next generation to be brutally robbed of freedom, and ultimately creativity. It is time to declare, “I do not consent.”
To make the truth affordable, We Are Revolting is on permanent discount on AMAZON. It is a down to earth no frills exposé of the hidden hand that rules the affairs of nations. This book is supported by free to download documents and book PDFs and
Podcast-Papers PDFs.
Podcast-Papers are amplified podcast transcripts. Podcasts are available on my YouTube Channel - Hidden in Plain Sight, and are often expansions of my blogs.

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