Call Us a Biblical Christian Family First published in 2006, addresses age-segregated education system failings; asks questions such as - where should our children be found, home or institution? Who does the Word of God, the Bible, hold responsible for raising and educating our progeny? Challenges twenty-first Century parenting mind-sets and more.

In a world that is seeing increasing numbers of young people facing depression and dwindling feelings of self-worth in an increasing pressurised education system, something needs to change.

Do we have the same worldview concerning our young ones as God? We will not find a scripture stating “Parents home educate....” so what does the Bible say?

It is time to read Call Us a Biblical Christian Family.

Call Us a Biblical Christian Family

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Home Educating in New Zealand, published in 2003.

Written in an easy-to-read and very accessible style, Home Educating in New Zealand was of high-interest to a wide range of readers, from those whose children were not happy in the current system, to parents wrestling the decision to bring their children home full-time, to new and seasoned home educators looking for support and advice.

Home Educating in New Zealand offered encouragement and guidance on 'official' needs, helpful hints and the benefit of Antoinette's years of experience all served-up in a down-to-earth way.

Due to the updating of New Zealand exemption applications and changing Ministry of Education requirements the official chapters of this book are time sensitive. Although this book sold very well, the author will not be writing a second edition at this time.

101 Reasons to Home Educate in the 21st Century, is a topical book discussing some of the knotty issues facing our children as they negotiate life and education outside the home.

In the 21st century children need help navigating issues, philosophies and choices in a very fast paced and changing society.

Today, as in no other time in history, there are 101 rational reasons why parents should be the primary caregivers and educators of their children.

101 Reasons to Home Educate in the 21st Century
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