There is a world war raging; an historical philosophical 2000-year-old war waged by globalist oligarchy. An army backed by deep pockets, holding an iron tight upper-hand, gagging and disposing of opposing voices in Starzi like despotism.
These elite globalist aggressors oppose the populations of the earth. Through education, university, mainstream TV News and crafted popular-culture, the West has been shamed into rejecting its heritage and bullied into accepting globalisation. As a result, sovereign nations and their cultures, that have stood for thousands of years, are being destroyed. The third and fourth generations, since WWII, are bereft of history and have been beguiled by the globalist Socialist call; while those with memory, history and stories have become the vilified resistance. Elites have been ousted, people are waking up, and using the only power left to them - the vote.

The elite fearing the changing tide of public opinion, are orchestrating a unanimous offense to shut down democracy and freedom of speech in the West. The Baby Boomer generation are being targeted for they are a generation who have known freedom and are the generation in the 21st Century who have time on their hands to push back. The Baby Boomers are being painted as racist by celebrities like Oprah, who stated they need to die before this world will know equity. They are the generation that Bill Gates declared, will be at the top of the “death lists”.

When the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, spent millions of dollars in an effort to eradicate the country’s heritage by changing the flag, the Baby Boomers swung the vote for no change. Their generation has been much favoured, born after the two great wars, benefitting from modern technology, enjoying a carefree childhood, raising their families with financial ease and now blessed with free-time, to fight for such a time as this. It is the Baby Boomers who have clarity of heart to want the continued existence of the West.  And if, in the push, they go down, they go down with honour; looking their children and grandchildren in the eye, having tried.

Millennials who want the earth and want it now, are also being targeted; the United Nations have plans for them too. Those alive today are living in a serious time and whether new born baby or the oldest on the planet; all need to shed their socialist collective ideologies and claw back democracy before it is too late. This is a time to stand on the right side of history.

The globalist agenda gained its greatest stride controlling humanity, with mandatory schooled education. State education has its foundation dug deep into Aristotelian and Darwinian philosophical and left-wing ideologues, like Jean Jacque Rousseau and Karl Marx. Philosophies reinvigorated in the middle of the 20th Century by the Frankfurt School in the 1940s, Saul Alinsky in the 1960s, to have total ownership by Lucis Trust, United Nations, and elite owned media of the 21st Century.

There is a conspiracy in every area, at every level and the conspirators can be traced back to Germany, Rome, Venice, Babylon and back to the city Babel. It is hard to grapple with the concept of a movement stretching so far back in time. But it is a history of power-hungry meddling oligarchy with idle hands, and elitist views of themselves, supported by lap-dog legions happy to obey to the point of death.  It is a dark thread that weaves its way up the years, as Latin has in English language, Greek in medicine, Phoenician in common law, just as in family units, villages and ancient cities.

An understanding of world events is assisted when one critiques the world through the notion that nothing, NOTHING happens by chance; no sizable event, movement or shift is organic, it has not happened from the grass roots up, it has been planned and rolled out in a calculated, risk assessed manner from above.