Hi, I’m Antoinette James, author. Welcome to my website.

I love writing and I love variety in my work, so have employed my pen in two areas.

Fiction, such as my historical novel ‘Son of Spain’ and most recently, a young adult literary novel ‘Thunderbird’ which is the first book in my ‘Dragons Dwelt Here’ series.

Then, there is non-fiction, such as ‘Home Educating in New Zealand’, ‘Call Us a Biblical Christian Family’ together with ‘Manet’ and 'Fra Angelico', the first books in my ‘An Art Conversation’ series.

If I have something welling up in my heart I am compelled to write it down!

When I am not seriously researching and writing, I have fun putting together You Tube videos such as ‘Gotta-minute’ art tutorials and their companion articles on ISSUU.
ISSUU publications can be downloaded free.
Photo by Deb McCabe