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Hi, I’m Antoinette James, author. Welcome to my website.

I love writing and I love variety in my work, so have employed my pen in two areas.

Fiction, such as my historical novel ‘Son of Spain’ and most recently, a young adult literary novel ‘Thunderbird’ which is the first book in my ‘Dragons Dwelt Here’ series.

Then, there is non-fiction, such as ‘Home Educating in New Zealand’, ‘Call Us a Biblical Christian Family’ together with ‘Manet’ and 'Fra Angelico', the first books in my ‘An Art Conversation’ series.

If I have something welling up in my heart I am compelled to write it down!

When I am not seriously researching and writing, I have fun putting together You Tube videos such as ‘Gotta-minute’ art tutorials and their companion articles on ISSUU.
ISSUU publications can be downloaded free.
Photo by Deb McCabe
New Release
This title is to be released on AMAZON this week.
The Book is an exposé about those who really rule the world and why
we the people know so little.

Information is power; this book will inform
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